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ICC Color Management is an essential part of digital imaging. The intended appearance of any image is depedant upon the properties of the device it was created with. This is why ICC color management is built into Photoshop and the Mac OS.

Übercolor brings ICC Color Management to After Effects. Without it, images you import into AE generally do not appear as they should.

Image imported without color management.
Image converted from its color space (sRGB) to the native display profile (Apple RGB) using Übercolor.

(Image appearance will vary depending on your monitor settings. Download the demo and see it yourself.)

Every broadcast designer knows that the images on the computer monitor don't look at all like they do when broadcast. Or have you ever noticed that your digital photos look better on the camera's LCD display than they do in After Effects? This is because those devices function in different color spaces than your RGB computer monitor.

Using Übercolor, you can convert images to the native color space of your monitor and see them as they are supposed to look. This same capability will also allow you to accurately preview your After Effects project on a computer display when a true broadcast monitor isn't available.

Going the other direction, Übercolor can take a project that looks great on your Mac monitor and accurately convert it to the NTSC or PAL broadcast color space in a single step.

Übercolor is easy to use. Profiles installed in the ColorSync folder are automatically recognized. They can also be loaded from a file anywhere on your hard drive or extracted from PNG and JPEG 2000 files.

Once imported, profiles are embedded in the Afer Effects project file for portability and easy network rendering.


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System Requirements
  After Effects 5.0
  Mac OS 8.5