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SuperTIFF is a free plug-in for Adobe After Effects that profides more complete support for TIFF than AE does natively (prior to After Effects 7). Photoshop is able to create TIFF files that are 16-bit and use Zip compression which After Effects is currently unable to read or write.

SuperTIFF includes these features over the Photoshop-style TIFF plug-in that ships with After Effects:
  • Support for 16-bit TIFFs
  • Zip compression support
  • After Effects native plug-in
  • Single-channel (grayscale) saving option
  • Floating point TIFF support (for High Dynamic Range images)
  • 30% faster than Adobe's plug-in
  • Better integration with AE's Output Module dialog

HDR Support

Floating point TIFF is one of the most widely-used formats for storing High Dynamic range images. It once was the only HDR format supported by the version of Mental Ray built into Maya.

SuperTIFF can read and write floating point TIFF files, converting the HDR data to log space on the fly for campatibility with After Effects workflows. For HDR compositing in After Effects, use The Orphanage's eLin.

As an extra bonus, SuperTIFF also includes a plug-in for reading Radiance (.hdr) files, another popular format for storing HDR images. Sample Radiance files can be downloaded here.

A plug-in for the other popular HDR format - ILM's OpenEXR - is already available from The Orphanage and is included with the eLin installer.

For more info, check out the tutorial on using HDR with Maya and After Effects.



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System Requirements
  After Effects 5.5
(AE 7 already includes SuperTIFF capabilities)

Using HDR with Maya and After Effects