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Included with the download of ProEXR is a collection of 3 free, open source plug-ins providing complete access to OpenEXR files in After Effects. Many EXR files feature extra channels beyond simple RGBA. In some cases they may include depth and velocity vector information, in other cases there may be entire render passes folded into a single EXR file. These plug-ins were created to open up After Effects to all the possibilities in OpenEXR.

Version 1.5 of these plug-ins ship with After Effects CS5.5. Newer versions are 100% project-compatible.

Included is the OpenEXR file module that provides API access to all the channels in an EXR and various compression options when rendering EXRs out of AE.

Then in your After Effects Comp, 3D Channel plug-ins pull additional channels in. EXtractoR and IDentifier list all channels in a file by name and let you map them to the AE layer.

Download samples:

49-channel OpenEXR from Rob Nederhorst.
After Effects CS3 project.
Photoshop CS3 Extended project.

Source Code

ProEXR Manual

System Requirements
  After Effects CS3

exrdisplay & playexr
Downloadable binaries for
open source ILM viewing apps.